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We are The Half-Baked Creators League Ltd. -- And I; serving as Admiral of this here vessel, am known as The Chairman

The League, on it's own-- stands as a beacon of inane musings in the otherwise murky court of the gaming industry at large. 

Meanwhile, I myself lurk in the shadowy crevasses of my lair, Half-Baked HQ, toiling aimlessly endlessly to bring you what you see before you.

What is it? What it is.

I come before you wielding naught but our standard and a current show of my efforts. Project: Running-Man 2D, is as-advertised; the early alpha of a budding dream. 

What this means, is that after years of merely dreaming to craft the worlds of my imagination into a gaming medium-- over the last year and a half or so, I'd finally started to teach myself (and be mentored) in the ways of design, coding, etc..

So-- what we have here is where I currently am at.

My team is busy with various other aspects of the League's operations-- and so I am left to my own devices in the construction of this title.  

Speaking of titles-- while in early stages of production, the game will retain it's current name-- but as development continues (all of which you'll see every step of the way, as I regularly update the files and  dev log here.) the final vision will take a more refined shape under a different moniker.

Anyways-- the idea here is complete transparency for you folks. Until the game breaches out of early Alpha, it will remain free of charge. You can however donate if you see fit to do so.

Your donations will be used in the following ways:

  1. Outsourcing better Art Assets: I am a programmer, a writer, a leader of men, hell-- I am a Knight of Sealand, god save the Prince-- but an artist, I am not.  All current assets you see are either free-use or pre-purchased. Eventually, a fully defined/refined art style will be required. This will help! Besides.. a title graphic would be nice.

    This also means better promotional materials for a prettier page.. it's a little weaksauce over here, ain't it?
  2. Outsourcing Audio Assets: What's a game without some fancy sound effects, voice overs or music to go along with it? It's my hope that I can pay any and all who help me with my project by offering their talents-- until I can with some rev share, I'll purchase their souls services.
  3. I think you get the point... 

Every dollar you find yourselves generous enough to send our way, goes straight back into the development of the game.

So what is it?!

Ah, yes-- the game. 

Project: Running-Man 2Da side-scrolling 'metroidvania' style action/adventure platformer. 

In it's current state, it features: 

  • A man
  • He Runs (and walks)
  • He Jumps (and ducks)
  • He Attacks things!
  • He drops through platforms!
  • He takes damage and dies!
    Not only from the environment-- but from enemies as well! 
  • A pretty place to leap and/or frolic about through.
  • Messages to read! (Including a controls tutorial)
  • Death and re-spawning!
  • He climbs Ledges!
  • He clings to walls and jumps from them!

So as you can see, we're just drowning in things to do.

Anyways-- this, as well as the Dev. Log will be updated as time goes by.

I hope you like the game!

We're adjourned~


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